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2021 Gramsci International Prize for Theatre in Prison to Claudio Collovà

Claudio Collovà is a rare and precious example of artist and intellectual; a director of large culture and a refined and timeless original poetics. Considered a citizen of the world for his training and for the many collaborations he had over the years with important institutions in several European countries and beyond, he has always maintained his roots in his homeland, Palermo, Sicily. His results are always memorable for brilliance and togetherness. This is also true for his work within juvenile justice institutions. In his most recent work "Little Hamlet" - followed by the European Review Catarsi-Teatri delle Diversità (Urbino University)- Collovà critically re-elaborates Shakespeare's work with a fortunate intuition from the young participants who consider unfair for a father to ask his sons to perpetuate revenge. Vito Minoia, President of the IUTA writes: "It would be necessary to formalize theatre activities for minors subject to measures ordered by the judicial authority".

ph Alessia Lo Bello

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