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Les théâtres des collectivités - The Theatres of Collectivities

Updated: Jul 18, 2022


The expression "theatre of collectivities" covers a wide range of stage practises, enabling considerations of their diversity but also of their hibridity and their evolving energy (for example. first nations theatre, those of ethno-cultural minorities, theatre for those living with disabilities, theatre from LGTQ- communities, regional and local theatrical groups, theatre in school groups, institutional theatre, in prisons, etc.). The symposium offers the opportunity for practitioners, theorists, critics, historians and administrators to discuss the topics of "theatres of collectives" based on five avenues of reflection:

  • Historical, epistemological and theaoretical perspectives

  • Aesthetics objectives, innovative practices

  • Militant engagement: social, identity-based, political demands; actions for and from the milieu

  • Organizational challenges and their modes of functioning

  • Practices of reception: how shoud we see and critique the theatre of the collectives?

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