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Pesaro and Rome, the "The Survivors" project of the Urbino Aenigma University Theatre has started

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

"I sopravvissuti" (The Survivors) short stories by Primo Levi made in the prison of Pesaro with Aenigma University Theatre directed by Francesco Gigliotti.

The images of Saka, Said, Denis, Aattif, Alban - interpreters of 'The Survivors’ - will be remembered by the audience within a dimension of 'time out of time' that generates micro-stories among the protagonists who find empathy and solidarity while sharing their memories. It is a new dimension that is triggered by the performance, an emotional one. The symbolic value of gestures, words and bodies acts against the physical degradation suffered and against the spiritual wreckage of men and objects. The young musician Francesco Scaramuzzino performs the role of an angel evoked by the imagination of the other protagonists. In a lyrical finale on the notes of an unreachable melody, the angel initiates a captivating cathartic effect with which everything seems to lose weight and vanish, just as the attempt to evoke those very memories.


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