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"I sopravvissuti" (The Survivors) short stories by Primo Levi made in the prison of Pesaro with Aenigma University Theatre directed by Francesco Gigliotti.

The images of Saka, Said, Denis, Aattif, Alban - interpreters of 'The Survivors’ - will be remembered by the audience within a dimension of 'time out of time' that generates micro-stories among the protagonists who find empathy and solidarity while sharing their memories. It is a new dimension that is triggered by the performance, an emotional one. The symbolic value of gestures, words and bodies acts against the physical degradation suffered and against the spiritual wreckage of men and objects. The young musician Francesco Scaramuzzino performs the role of an angel evoked by the imagination of the other protagonists. In a lyrical finale on the notes of an unreachable melody, the angel initiates a captivating cathartic effect with which everything seems to lose weight and vanish, just as the attempt to evoke those very memories.

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For the 10th time, Tartu Student Theater is organizing an international festival of independent and student theaters, which will take place in October 2022.

Student theaters as well as independent and author's theaters are welcome to apply for the festival program.

The name of the A-festival originally comes from the word “absurd”, which is why we expect productions selected to the festival to deal with issues related to human existence and have a touch of absurdity in it. In terms of genre, we prefer absurd comedy, tragic comedy, farce, clown theatre, different types of contemporary drama performances, shadow play, but also physical and object theater.

Plays will be performed in three venues in Tartu, and it is also possible to play outdoors if needed.

Five productions will be selected by the festival team, which will be performed during the three days of festival.

To apply, please fill in the application (online form)!


International University Theatre Forum in Vilnius (Lithuania) summons students that are interested in theatre for interactive theatrical performances and aims to bring social and heritage questions to public attention, also giving the possibility to get to know each other, to interact and exchange experience.

Some of the most successful projects were „Vilnius – crossroad of national cultures” (2003),“Open up forgotten spaces” (2005)“Perpetuum Mobile” (2007) and others. Troupes from Spain, Belarus, Finland, Poland, France, Russia, Latvia, Sweden and Italy have been guests in our Forums.

In the 23th International University Theatre Forum (9-14 of May, 2022) several Lithuanian student theatres and guests groups from foreign countries will participate. Forum embraces performances, creative workshops and actions. We invite University Student Theaters, Professional Theater Schools and Independent Theaters as well. Email address:,,