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The Charter of Liège

The aim of the International University Theatre Association is to develop and promote university theatre worldwide. ‘University theatre’, in this context, means any theatrical activity carried out within higher and tertiary education institutions, as training, creative or research activities, either theoretical or practical.

Aware of the role theatre plays in fostering dialogue and understanding between cultures, the association promotes exchanges and collaboration between university theatres (be it spontaneous student theatre, assisted, vocational or professional work) as well as contacts with amateur and professional theatres.

The association, rich in its diversity, will not tolerate political, national, linguistic, racial, religious, sexual or any other kind of discrimination.

Founded on the principle of solidarity and cooperation the IUTA is an independent network open equally to all its members according to their individual circumstances.

Our Statute download pdf

«The text of the statute of the Association was published in French as an annex to the Belgian Official Journal on 02-04-2008 under the company number 893.800.857. It is the only legal reference. English and Spanish translations are published on the website for transparent information»

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